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The Daisy - Grey with Leather

The Daisy - Grey with Leather

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The Daisy, or as some would say the Daisy bootie, is a pull-on style boot slipper that goes up over the ankle. Made with 100% New Zealand wool, these slippers are soft and light and will keep your feet warm, dry and smell free. The Daisy has a functioning button closure but the opening is designed to be large enough so you can pull them on without opening them. This version of the Daisy has a suede leather sole and some extra cushioning in the heel with a rubber piece in between the one piece wool felt upper and the suede leather outsole. The leather sole version should be used indoors since the suede sole should be kept dry.

Soft, light and warm 100% wool felt slippers in a pull-on style that come up just over the ankle and that have decorative stitching and a button closure that can also be used. As compared to the low-cut boot, this style fits more snugly around the ankle. Available in men’s and women’s sizes and made of New Zealand wool, they will keep your feet warm and dry year round.

The wool still contains natural lanolin, which repels dirt and odor. They are very comfortable to wear with bare feet with the added benefits of regulating temperature and absorbing moisture.

This model is with a suede sole.

The extra thickness in the sole gives you a very comfortable home slipper. They are lightweight, durable and easy to take care of. Just air them frequently and vacuum occasionally. If needed they can even be washed gently by hand.

All our products are felted by hand at our own workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal and they are signed by the artisan, who each have their own signature with needlework. We are certified as a Fair Trade Importer in Denmark. When you buy from betterfelt you create jobs in Nepal with 1 pair of slippers creating half a days work in Kathmandu.

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– 100% Ethically Sourced New Zealand Wool Hand Felted in Nepal

– 100% Suede Leather Sole


Orders ship within three business days. Customer credit cards are not charged until the order is shipped.

Betterfelt North America does not process orders on Saturday, Sunday or statutory holidays.

We only ship merchandise within Canada from this website.

Care Instructions

Betterfelt slippers need little maintenance. In the first few weeks they will shed some wool which can be removed and thrown away - this is normal.

To care for your slippers:
* Air your slippers out daily
* Vacuum-clean when needed
* Soak up spills as quickly as possible
* Spot clean with a bit of soap if necessary
* Always air dry away from heat

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Betterfelt Artisan Stitching Together A Felt Wool Slipper In Our Company Owned Workshop In Kathmandu

Artisans working in our company-owned workshop in Nepal earn the same income as a male skilled worker or public school teacher in Kathmandu.