About Betterfelt North America

Danish Design, Nepali Handicraft

Betterfelt started in Denmark selling hand made fair trade products made in Nepal and has now expanded its presence in North America.

The Nepalese production company is owned by the owners of Betterfelt, Jakob Lykke and Liz Wirth, and their Nepali partner Sabina Matangi. All of our products are combined Danish and Nepali design and are produced by hand in our workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Thomas Glerup started producing woolen shoes because they are a fantastic product and decided to do it in Nepal under FairTrade principles because it was the right thing to do.

The "secret" is that we use 100% natural wool, which still contains lanolin.

Wool can absorb far more moisture than other fabrics. As much as one-third of its own weight. In comparison, a nylon shirt absorbs only 3%. Lanolin protects each fiber from dirt and smell.

Thomas Glerup has worked with wool felt for nearly two decades and was co-founder of the company A/S glerups.dk, which is still run by his family.

The simple designs and the steady development of the comfortable woolen slippers, has led to other hand felted woolen products, and today Betterfelt is selling some home products in addition to footwear.

Common to all of our designs is the Danish tradition of simplicity and practicality. With some being more fun and colourful than others!

Betterfelt has now for several years created sustainable employment, and added both capital and knowledge to Nepal. And you can help us create even more work and development in the country.

Every time you buy a pair of shoes, you have paid half a days salary to an employee at the workshop.


Thank you for reading about us!


The Betterfelt Team