The Daisy Classic Boot

Sole Searching: Finding The Right Pair of Betterfelt Slippers

At Betterfelt, we offer comfort with a conscience.

We offer premium, Fair Trade certified felted wool slippers, all of which are made with care by our skilled artisans in our company factory in Nepal.

We offer a variety of sizes and styles for the whole family, all embodying the classic, clean, practical principles of Danish design, keeping your feet warm and dry. All Betterfelt slippers are guaranteed to up the hygge factor by 110% (that’s a scientific fact) wherever you wear them!

But how do you choose the pair that’s right for you?

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose your perfect pair of Betterfelt slippers.

The Betterfelt Styles

No matter if you're looking for a classic slip-on or something that will turn-heads at the breakfast table, we have a pair of slippers for you. Here is a quick breakdown of our styles:

The Classic Slipper

Our Classic Slipper is light, yet warm. This slip-on style has a low heel cap. It’s available in various colours with either a leather or rubber sole.

Recommended for: If you wear your slippers around the house but kick them off when you’re sitting down or at your desk. Great for lounging by the fireplace, reading a good book, cuddling your cat and other hygge activities.

Not recommended for: Kicking a soccer or football. We mean, you could, but the slipper may go flying off with it.

The Classic Shoe

The name sums it up. This model offers a higher heel cap than the classic slipper yet is still incredibly easy to slip on and off. The Classic Shoe is available in a variety of colours and in either leather or rubber soles.

Recommended for: Those who plan to wear their shoes for longer periods of time. Great for doing the hygge activities mentioned above, yet also good for venturing out to grab the newspaper or to buy snacks. We don’t judge. In fact, we encourage it.

Not recommended for: Fighting bears on your camping trip (we don’t recommend that in general).

The Classic Boot

The Betterfelt Classic Boot is pull-on style slipper that comes up just over your ankle with side slits for comfort. Available in a variety of colours and in leather and rubber soles.

Recommended for: Those who plan to wear their slippers both inside and outside the house. These are great for in the yard, on the dock, wherever you want your feet to be warm, dry and comfy.

Not recommended for: Puddle jumping (we said they keep your feet dry, but not THAT dry).

The High Boot

Like the Classic Boot, the Betterfelt High Boot offers a pull-on style, but comes up a little higher. It also features a slit at the front for comfort. This style is available in blue, white and gray and has leather and rubber sole options.

Recommended for: Any activities where you want to achieve maximum hygge. The High Boot is a great style to wear outdoors, especially with a rubber sole.

Not recommended for: Skiing (but are perfect to wear after the slopes).

The Jester

For the wearer who takes their comfort seriously, but not themselves. The Jester is a playful boot that makes a statement. Available in Green, black and light blue in leather sole only.

Recommended for: When you want to hygge, but also stand out.

Not recommended for: In-person business meetings. Virtual ones? They’re perfect.

The Daisy

For the one who wants a little flare, The Daisy is a pull-on style boot that comes up just over the ankle. It features decorative stitching and a button closure that can also be used. It fits more snugly around the ankle compared to the Classic Boot. It’s available in brown and grey with both leather and rubber sole options.

Recommended for: Those who want to be comfy, yet a little fancy.

Not recommended for: Jet skiing (but perfect for when you get back to shore!)

Finding Your Sole: Leather or Rubber?

We offer a selection of our styles in both rubber and leather soles. When choosing the type of sole, the important thing to consider is how and where you plan to wear your slippers.

If you like to wear your slippers outdoors for longer periods of time, a rubber sole will give you more grip and a shoe-like experience. It can also handle water better than the leather sole.

But if you’re more of a casual slipper wearer or plan to wear them mostly around the house, the leather sole may be the perfect fit for you!

No matter what style you choose, you can be confident that your Betterfelt slipper will bring you Fair Trade certified comfort and hygge, however and wherever you wear them.

Found your sole? Let’s shop.

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