The Jester Boot

Soft, light and warm 100% wool slipper in a playful pull-on style that come up over the ankle. Designed for men and women and made of New Zealand wool, they will keep your feet warm and dry year round.

The wool still contains natural lanolin, which repels dirt and odor. They are very comfortable to wear with bare feet with the added benefits of regulating temperature and absorbing moisture.

This style is only available in a suede sole.

The extra thickness in the sole gives you a very comfortable home slipper. They are lightweight, durable and easy to take care of. Just air them frequently and vacuum occasionally. If needed they can even be washed gently by hand.

All our products are felted by hand at our own workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal and they are signed by the artisan, who each have their own signature with needlework. We are certified as a Fair Trade Importer in Denmark. When you buy from betterfelt you create jobs in Nepal with 1 pair of slippers creating half a days work in Kathmandu. 

Product details:

All betterfelt products are plastic free.

Material for the upper upper: 100% natural felted wool, still containing lanolin. The white, grey and brown colours are undyed. Please note: The whole upper part inclusive the bottom is felted in one piece. 

Materials for the sole: Calf skin or natural rubber. (Natural rubber does not tolerate oil-based solvents such as gasoline, diesel, etc.)

Chemicals: All our products are produced from natural raw materials without harmful additives and, of course, comply with all applicable EU legislation, (REACH).

Washing instructions: Our slippers can be washed (gently and at your own risk) by hand at max 30°C. Use mild shampoo or soap designed for wool. Then put the shoes on and shape them to your feet before leaving them to dry on a towel with the sole facing upwards.